Book STRUCTURE, effective pool training by Ralph Eckert

Book STRUCTURE, effective pool training by Ralph Eckert
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Finally in English language! 10 Hour Pool Power in a Book! With QR codes linking to Youtube... mehr
Produktinformationen "Book STRUCTURE, effective pool training by Ralph Eckert"

Finally in English language! 10 Hour Pool Power in a Book! With QR codes linking to Youtube exercises

The Book: Ralph Eckert, international pro billiard player and coach, tells you how to train and become a much more effective pool player, whatever your current level. As the title promises, this book captivates with its clear structure, progressive method, and focus on mastering the essentials. He covers the fundamental topics of pool, such as stance, alignment, stroke, pocketing, and positional play, along with a training methodology that promises efficient practice and advancement for anyone. And more advanced topics are covered in detail, as well, such as the break shot, the rail game (kicks & banks), the safety game, and the putting-in-practice of all these topics by means of reference situations that can be easily transferred to match play.

“Simply another masterpiece from Ralph Eckert! Not only is he an amazing in-person teacher but his ability to put everything in writing is simply remarkable! I highly recommend ‘Structure’ if you are looking to improve your pool game.” Florian -Venom- Kohler, Multiple World-Record holder and billiards biggest YouTube star.

“I don’t know how he did it, but Ralph Eckert has cracked the code of pool. Not only can he play at a world class level, but he can explain exactly how it’s done in very simple terms. Ralph has officially demystified the game of pocket billiards.” Rollie Williams, “Your average pool player” and pools most unique YouTube star.

“Ralph is one of billiards greatest contributors to education and literature. It always amazes me how he explores new ways to package tons of intelligent information into concepts with structure that makes sense and teaches even an old dog like me new tricks.” Thorsten Hohmann, 5 times world champion!

“The difference between an amateur and a professional is their structural integrity! Ralph shows you how to be accountable with your training, stressing that in order to manage something, you have to be able to measure it! I not only recommend Ralph’s methods and teachings but I live them. Your game is a reflection of your structure!” Hunter Lombardo, probably America’s most intense pro player and instructor!

The Author: Ralph Eckert was born in Mannheim (Germany) in 1965 and has been living in Berlin since 2015. He has been playing billiards since 1982 and for many years has been working as a billiard professional. In March 2000, he rose to number one in the European rankings (Euro Tour), in 2004 he became (WPA) world champion in Trick & Fancy Shots. As a trainer (Europe-trainer h.c.) he is world-renowned and is, above all, internationally active with various national teams and private individuals. In 1995 he published his first book "Modern Pool", which continues to set the German standard today for pool instruction. After studying sports psychology, further recognized specialist publications followed, especially the 2010 book "The Final Freedom–Reflections of a Master Student". His recently-published novel, "The Player from Singapore”, is also popular and provides behind-the-scenes insights from the billiards world.



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